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JMD $38,000,000

<p>Newly built 4 bedrooms, 3 bathroom home including Master English suite back porch Granite countertop, two-car garage&nbsp;<br /> Helpers quarters. Sits on 1/2 acre of...

  • Manchester, Spur Tree
  • Residential
JMD $25,000,000

<p>8 acres of land ideal for residential development or farming. It is slightly elevated above road level and has a gently undulating topography throughout. It is located...

  • St. Elizabeth, Treasure Beach
  • Residential
JMD $20,000,000

<p>Commercial property located in Spur Tree Manchester 42,278.18 sq.ft</p>

  • Manchester, Spur Tree
  • Commercial
For Sale
JMD $5,000,000

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  • Manchester, christana
  • Residential
JMD $5,000,000

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  • Westmoreland, Bluefields
  • Residential
JMD $3,100,000

<p>Several lots ranging from 12,077 sq. ft to 15,382 sq. ft</p>

  • Manchester, HATFIELD
  • Residential