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JMD $36,000,000

<p>Two-storey 4&nbsp; bedroom, 3-bathroom home sitting on 2 acres of land. Brown&#39;s Town is appx. 25 mins. from Runaway Bay and 20 Mins. Discovery Bay.&nbsp;</p> <p...

  • St. Ann, Huntley
  • Residential
JMD $30,000,000

<p>This property borders the main road leading from Brown&#39;s Town to Claremont. It&nbsp;is located approx. 1 km from the Town square.&nbsp;</p> <p>The property feat...

  • St. Ann, Brown's Town
  • Residential
JMD $25,000,000

<p>Proposed 4 bedroom dwelling house with two floors. The 1st-floor consists of a 1-bedroom flat and living/dining area, patio, washroom plus powder room. A/c and a camer...

  • St. Ann, Runaway Bay
  • Residential
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JMD $20,000,000

<p>Located in the community of Aberdeen Heights approx. 5 minutes from the busy commercial town of Brown&#39;s Town and approx. 20 minutes from beaches. This property has...

  • St. Ann, Arberdeen Heights
  • Residential